• Stasiuk & Haydamaky at Miłosz Festival

    A musical feast at this year's Miłosz Festival! On Friday, June 8th, at 21. 00 we invite you to the Festival Centre (Bishop Erasmus Ciołek's Palace on Kanonicza Street in Krakow) for a concert of Andrzej Stasiuk with the Ukrainian band Haydamaky, who gave new life to "Stepy akermańskie" and other works of Adam Mickiewicz. Tickets already on sale!

  • Workshop of oral history with Mikołaj Grynberg!

    Two days of work on collecting stories that like to escape with their characters. How to look for topics, how to listen to heroes, how to ask and how not to disturb them in giving us their story. At an accelerated pace, we will move from the hero selection to the final version of the story. Workshops for those who think that not everything should be asked, and for the others.

  • Poetry translation workshops

    We invite you to poetry translation workshops. The workshops serve to discuss the poetic work of selected guests of this year's edition of the festival and to improve the interpretation and translation skills of the participants of the classes. The workshops are conducted by experts with significant translation experience, who have translated the work of the poets under discussion.

  • Jacek Podsiadło's Domowe Radio "Studnia"

    Jacek Podsiadło's Domowe Radio "Studnia" will be broadcasting from Krakow during the Festival!

Jacek Podsiadło's Domowe Radio Studnia

Jane Hirshfield American poet, essayist and translator
Eugenijus Ališanka Lithuanian poet, translator and essayist
Katja Gorečan Slovenian poet
Maria Stiepanowa Russian poet
Ron Padgett poet, editor and translator
Olvido García Valdés poet, essayist and translator
Joanna Oparek a Polish poet, novelist, playwright
Jerzy Jarniewicz translator, critic and literary publicist, poet

Linn Hansén, Przejdź do historii

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Linn Hansén, Przejdź do historii (Gå till historien, eng. Go to the story) Interpretation: Justyna ...

Petr Hruška, Darmaty

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Petr Hruška, Darmaty Interpretation: Franciszek Nastulczyk Publisher: Mikołowski Institute

Antjie Krog, Ciało ograbione

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Antjie Krog, Ciało ograbione (Verweerskrif, eng. Body bereft) Interpretation: Jerzy Koch Editor: Krzysztof ...

Robert Pinsky, Terrarium dla snów. ...

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Robert Pinsky, Terrarium dla snów. Wiersze wybrane (eng. Terrarium of dreams. Selected poems) Interpretation: Stanisław ...

Joachim Sartorius, Zegar szronu

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Joachim Sartorius, Zegar szronu Interpretation: Ryszard Krynicki Publisher: Wydawnictwo a5 Publishing


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Stub of a Red Pencil

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Charles Simic