• The Miłosz Festival entitled ”The Seizure of Power”!

    The coming 8th Miłosz Festival will host the most outstanding poets from around the world and, as always, will accurately refer with its title to the work of its eminent patron. Between June 6 and 9 Krakow will again become the centre of what is considered new and exciting in contemporary poetry.

  • A unique publishing series at the Miłosz Festival

    Simon Armitage, Saleh Diab, Ferida Duraković, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Elena Fanailova and Denise Riley are some of the most important names in the world of contemporary poetry, who will all attend the 8th edition of the Miłosz Festival in Krakow. The poets mentioned above have one more thing in common: volumes of their poetry will be published for the first time in Polish translation, especially on the occasion of the festival.

  • Music at the 2019 Miłosz Festival!

    The Helena Modrzejewska National Old Theatre, the unique scenery of the Barbican and on the alternative stage of the Alchemia Club are all where the Miłosz Festival will provide the best sound environment for a rich programme that will fill the four festival days.

  • Meet the guests of the 8th edition of the Miłosz Festival!

    Between the 6th and 9th of June, the Miłosz Festival will host exceptional poets from Poland and abroad.

  • Next Registration for poetry translation workshops at the Miłosz Festival is now open!

    The organisers of the Miłosz Festival will ensure that Krakow becomes a hospitable place for contemporary poetry written in various languages. Without a space for linguistic diversity, our culture will stop developing – this will be the lesson for the participants of the poetry translation workshops that will take place during the Miłosz Festival.

  • There is no real revolution without dancing - OFF Stream at Miłosz Festival

    Stage, microphone, movement and voice, and above all, a sense of disagreement with the existing reality — all of these features will characterise this year’s OFF Stream at the Miłosz Festival.

Krystyna Dąbrowska
Piotr Florczyk
Magdalena Kicińska
Maciej Melecki
Antoni Pawlak
Uta Przyboś
Alicja Rosé
Tomasz Różycki
Elena Fanailova
Ferida Duraković
Denise Riley
Saleh Diab
Simon Armitage
Tomas Venclova
Athena Farrokhzad
Tatev Chakhian
Jurij Zawadski
Koraly Dimitriadis
Jakub Kornhauser
Leszek Szaruga
Jerzy Jarniewicz
Agata Kozak

Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Spotkanie ...

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Among the authors of the announced volumes there is also one who will not be present in Krakow this ...

Saleh Diab, Odległy dzień

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Lokator Publishing House will publish a volume of poetry by Saleh Diab: Odległy dzień [A Distant ...

Elena Fanailova, Szybki numerek w ...

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Our unique publishing project will also feature the premiere translation of Elena Fanailova’s poetry. ...

Ferida Duraković, Serce ciemności ...

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The most famous volume of poems from Sarajevo by Ferida Duraković is titled Serce ciemności [Heart ...

Denise Riley, Szantung

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“The tender rebus that Riley and Jarniewicz give us to solve consists of expressions of regret and anger, expressions of disagreement ...

Simon Armitage, Mało brakowało

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Mało brakowało [Close Call] is a collection of selected poems by probably the most popular British ...


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Stub of a Red Pencil

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Charles Simic