• ”I assure you, writing makes sense”

    ”It would be good if poetry books were discussed not only on the award-giving occasions” – said Marcin Sendecki, the winner of the Wisława Szymborska Award, on the last day of the Festival. Because in Poland we have really great poetry.

  • All that could once be found in Krakow?

    ”A good book may be based on that you don’t know what it is about. A bad book may be based on that you don’t know what it is about” – read Marcin Sundecki yesterday in one of his poems. The jury of the Wisława Szymborska Award considered his recent book W the best poetry volume in 2016, awarding Sendecki the Szyborska Prize.

  • Don’t tell me if the poem is difficult. Tell me if you like it

    The Bishop Erazm Ciołek Palace resounded wit many poetic voices – on the second day of the Milosz Festival our guests shared with the readers the sources of their creative inspirations.

  • When I look inside myself, I see the whole world

    Why writing about worn shoes of your son? Is menopause the right theme for a poem? Can you see universal truths looking at yourself? This is what the guests of the first day of the Milosz Festival discussed yesterday.

  • Miłosz Festival – begin with your streets!

    The leading motif of this year’s sixth edition is “Beginning with My Streets”. It is the title of a collection of Miłosz’s essays used as a pretext to look at the condition of contemporary man. So let’s begin!

  • Get to know the Festival Places!

    Check out where this year's Miłosz Festival will take place and where is our Festival Center this time! See you there!

  • Absorbed in a poetry

    Time for a great festival premiere! In cooperation with the publishing houses: a5, Mikołowski Institute, Lokator Media, Wydawnictwo Literackie and Wydawnictwo Znak, Polish translations of works by five foreign guests: Linn Hansén, Petr Hruška, Antjie Krog, Robert Pinsky and Joachim Sartorius. Books will be available from tomorrow in the bookstore "Bona".

  • “Beginning with my streets” - announcing the guests of the Miłosz Festival!

    Four festival days filled with meetings with authors, debuts, and concerts, as well as reading and commenting poetry. On the 8th – 11th of June this year, Krakow is once again slated to become the world’s capital of poetry.

Robert Pinsky an American poet, essayist, literary critic and a translator
Petr Hruška a Czech poet, screenwriter and literary critic
Linn Hansén a Swedish poet and editor
Antjie Krog a poet, writer, journalist and academic teacher of Afrikaans origin

Linn Hansén, Przejdź do historii

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Linn Hansén, Przejdź do historii (Gå till historien, eng. Go to the story) Interpretation: Justyna ...

Petr Hruška, Darmaty

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Petr Hruška, Darmaty Interpretation: Franciszek Nastulczyk Publisher: Mikołowski Institute

Antjie Krog, Ciało ograbione

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Antjie Krog, Ciało ograbione (Verweerskrif, eng. Body bereft) Interpretation: Jerzy Koch Editor: Krzysztof ...

Robert Pinsky, Terrarium dla snów. ...

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Robert Pinsky, Terrarium dla snów. Wiersze wybrane (eng. Terrarium of dreams. Selected poems) Interpretation: Stanisław ...

Joachim Sartorius, Zegar szronu

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Joachim Sartorius, Zegar szronu Interpretation: Ryszard Krynicki Publisher: Wydawnictwo a5 Publishing


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Stub of a Red Pencil

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Charles Simic