• 5. Milosz Festival in numbers

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  • In poetry, you cannot do anything by force

    “I just cannot see my poetry being read in villas with any pools, I simply can’t”, says Szymborska in Napisane życie / Written Life about how she imagines the readers of her works, and the audience gathered at the screening bursts in laughter.

  • In the poets’ footsteps

    Stefan Hertmans walks around like a teacher, talking about Carpaccio’s painting, Adonis emanates calmness, and when Kuba Kornhauser received the statuette during the Wisława Szymborska Award Gala, he turned it in his hands several times, like he was carrying a crystal ball showing him the future.

  • Poets take the world’s temperature

    Staring in the darkness at the film portrait of Ryszard Krynicki, we collected our reflections after another dose of festival experiences. The poet himself says that he is a peripatetic – in order to write, he much travel, and the film is about the path he has travelled. The day passed under the sign of poetry. There were fewer conversations on social and political topics. We listened to the music of poetry and observed the artists.

  • Poetry that connects worlds and people

    The Józef Czapski Pavilion, a beautiful day, clear air and a delicate murmur caused by discussions in the café. Ashur Etwebi slowly sips coffee at the table, looking around discreetly.

  • Vagabonds, migrants, poets. Programme of the 5th edition of Miłosz

    See the full program of the Krakow festival of poetry – rich in extraordinary conversations, debates, concerts, film screenings and other fascinating encounters with poetry.

  • The 5th Miłosz Festival – Road-side Dog

    Soon, Krakow will once again be the place for an exceptional meeting with poetry. The 5th edition of the Miłosz Festival will take place from the 9th to the 12th of June, gathering the most prominent poets – artists from Poland and abroad who speak various languages – in the UNESCO City of Literature, along with literary translators, philosophers, intellectuals and lovers of poetry.

  • The Children Literature Festival is the largest European event, devoted solely to the literature for the youngest readers. 2016 will see the 3rd edition of the event. The Festival will once again take place in four Polish cities, including Krakow.

  • Milosz Festival will now take place every year!

    The festival will be held between 9 and 12 June 2016 in Kraków. Join us for meetings with poetry!

  • Miłosz Festival at the Silesius International Poetry Festival in Wrocław

    From 8th till 15th May 2016, the Silesius International Poetry Festival will be held in Wrocław as a part of the literary programme of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 and the UNESCO World Book Capital

Stefan Hertmans
Ashur Etwebi
Michael Ondaatje
Olga Siedakowa

Adonis, Welcoming the Wind and the ...

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Adonis, Welcoming the Wind and the Trees Translated by: Kata Keresztély, Michał Grabowski Editor: ...

Stefan Hertmans, Landscape ...

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Stefan Hertmans, Landscape according to Carpaccio Original title: Landschap naar Carpaccio Translated ...

Michael Ondaatje, The Cinnamon ...

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Michael Ondaatje, The Cinnamon Peeler Translated by: Mieczysław Godyń, Agata Hołobut, Jerzy Jarniewicz Editors: ...

Ashur Etwebi, Vanishing Boats ...

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Ashur Etwebi, Vanishing Boats (selected poems) Translated by: Renata Senktas Translation consultation: ...


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Stub of a Red Pencil

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Charles Simic