Adam Pluszka (born in 1976) – poet, prose writer, translator, editor, literary and film critic. Editor-in-chief and publisher at Marginesy Publishing House. Author of several volumes of poems and prose. His last poetic book was nominated for the Gdynia Literary Award and the Wrocław Silesius Poetry Award. He has translated poems by Doris Lessing, Rudyard Kipling, Margaret Atwood, and Stefan Themerson (with Karolina Iwaszkiewicz). In his translation several books, mostly related to ecology, were published. Author of the collection of internal and external interviews. With translators on translation (Gdańsk 2016). It cooperates on a regular basis with bi-weekly. com. Ambassador of the Republic of Birds. A manned runner. He lives in Warsaw with her wife and three cats.

Photo: K. Iwaszkiewicz