Maciej Melecki – poet, film scriptwriter, editor of the magazine “Arkadia”, director of the Mikołowski Institute. He debuted poetically in 1993 with a sheet of paper entitled “Going back in time”. Winner of the Literary Award of the Four Columns and the Poetic Award of the Otoczak Prize for the volume “Przester”. Popularizer of Rafał Wojaczek’s work, co-writer of the script and actor in the film “Wojaczek”. He edited a book containing Wojaczek’s previously unpublished works, entitled Reszta krwi – wierzie nieznany / Residues of Blood – Unknown Poems, and together with Romuald Cudak wrote a critical and memorable volume entitled Który jest / Who Is? Rafał Wojaczek in the eyes of friends, critics and researchers”. In 2016, together with Konrad Wojtyła, he wrote the book “Rafał Wojaczek. Not those times. Pieces unknown”.