Piotr Kępiński – poet, literary critic, essayist, from 2007 to 2016 juror of the Central European Literary Award – Angelus. Since 2017, he has been on the jury of the Wrocław Poetry Award – Silesius. He worked for mines in “Czas Kultury” (as Deputy Editor-in-Chief), “Newsweek” and “Dziennik” (as Head of the Culture Department). At present, it cooperates with “New Eastern Europe” and “Creativity”. In 2015 (at the College of Eastern Europe) a book was published, which was written together with Hercuse Kuncius by Rozmowa Litwin z Polakiem, z Przedmowa Adam Michnika and Leonidas Donskis. In 2017 (also in the College of Eastern Europe) his collection of essays “Lithuanian spleen” was published, and in the publishing house of the Mikołowski Institute a new collection of poems “Human inhumane” was published. He lives in Rome.

Photo: Ł. Kępiński