Urszula Kozioł

a poet, prose writer, columnist, playwright Next

A poet, prose writer, columnist, playwright. She made her debut in 1957 as a representative of the so-called ‘Współczesność Generation’ with a volume Gumowe klocki, to publish several dozen poetry volumes over the next fifty years (among others, Żalnik, Stany nieoczywiste, Klangor, Horrendum, in 2016: Ucieczki). Her literary achievements also include more than ten dramatic works (Gonitwy, Podwórkowcy, Magiczne imię), essays and feature articles.

Long-time collaborator of the ‘Odra’ monthly.

Winner of several dozen awards, including the Silesius Award for lifetime achievement, the Kościelski Foundation Award as well as the Golden Cross of Merit and the Knights’ Cross of the Polonia Restituta Order. Honorary doctorate of the University of Wrocław.


Fot. M. Kubik