Archive 2009

born 1971, is a poetic retailer. Occasionally a prose writer and critic (always legally kosher). His publications include Śmierć w darkroomie (Death in the Darkroom, 2007, a crime novel at a stretch), Dolna Wilda (The Lower Wilda, 2006), Th (2005), Nauki dla żebraków (Lessons for the Beggars, 2003), Henry Berryman. Pieśni (Henry Berryman. Songs, 2006) and Drobne! Drobne! (Change! Change!, 2008). He plays a keyboard instrument once in a while. He likes improvised music, oddly preferring fourth and seventh chords to third chords. He hosts a politically incorrect radio show “Elegancka Porażka” (Elegant Defeat) and writes a column for Czas Kultury called Podręcznik do leżenia, jak leżeć doskonale (Handbook to Slumping: How to Slump to Perfection).