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born 1949, is a prose and scriptwriter, translator and author of radio dramas. Since 1978 he has been co-editor of the censorship-free literary quarterly Puls published in London. He also co-operated with Polish émigré publishing houses based in London and, from 1983 to the 1990s, with Radio Free Europe. He now works as a columnist for Gazeta Wyborcza. He is the author of numerous books, including Zabawa w głuchy telefon (Playing Chinese Whispers, 1975), Gra na zwłokę (The Postponing Game, 1979, awarded the Koscielski Foundation Prize), Fotografie (Photographs, 2002), Cały czas (The Whole Time, 2006, made into a motion film by Janusz Morgenstern), Nowe fotografie (New Photographs, 2007) and To wszystko (That’s All, 2008). He is currently working on a documentary film on the writer Tadeusz Konwicki entitled Co ja tu robię (What Am I Doing Here).