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born 1958 in Łowicz, is a poet, literary critic and translator, lecturer at the Łódź and Warsaw Universities. He is the author of nine books of poems, among others Niepoznaki (Diversions, 2000), Oranżada (Orangeade, 2005) and Makijaż (Make-Up, 2009), as well as collections of essays on contemporary literature of the English language, e.g. Lista obecności (Attendance Register, 2000) or Od pieśni do skowytu (From Canto to Howl, 2008). He has translated the works of such authors as James Joyce, Philip Roth, John Banville and Craig Raine. An editor for the Literatura na Świecie quarterly, he regularly contributes to Gazeta Wyborcza, Tygodnik Powszechny and Tygiel Kultury. He was longlisted for the Nike Literary Prize in 2008. He lives in Łódź.