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born 1954 in Łódź, is a publicist, writer, literary critic and a specialist in cultural sociology. Best known as the author of weekly columns for Wysokie obcasy, the weekend supplement to Gazeta Wyborcza, she is the author of a number of books, including Tabu (Taboo, 1998), Obciach (Shame, 1999), Karoca z dyni (The Pumpkin Coach, shortlisted for the Nike Literary Prize in 2001), as well as scholarly publications, such as Cudze problemy. O ważności tego, co nieważne (Strange Problems. On the Importance of What Is Unimportant, 1991), which she co-authored and co-edited. A longtime lecturer in the sociology of medicine at the Warsaw Medical University, she is also a member of the pro-eco, pacifist and feminist political party Zieloni 2004.