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a graduate in Gender Studies at the Warsaw University, is a specialist in cultural studies and president of the MaMa Foundation for the improvement of the situation of Polish mothers, as well as a Warsaw tour guide and journalist. She is active in a number of NGOs and social movements. Her work has appeared in Polityka, Architektura, Zadra and Zabytki Heritage, and also in the following books: Kobieta i polityka (Women and Politics), Queerowanie feminizmu (The Queering of Feminism) and Dioda (The Diode, 2008). She is the author of Kieszonkowy Atlas Kobiet (The Pocket Atlas of Women, 2008), a book which was nominated Book of the Year by the Polish Radio Programme Three, awarded the ”Polityka Passport” prize in literature and longlisted for the Nike Literary Prize in 2009.