Born in 1956 in Telšiai. He graduated with a degree in history from Vilnius University, continuing post-diploma studies at the Lithuanian History Institute. He mainly explores the history of the 19th century, including subjects as the Lithuanian national/cultural movement, the history of the Lithuanian nobility, Jews in Lithuanian historiography, and the cultural legacy of Lithuanian émigrés. He has written numerous academic articles, and his book Under the Power of the Tsars: Lithuania in the 19th Century has been translated into Polish (Universitas, Krakow 2003, co-authored by Antanas Kulakauskas). He has served as Dean of the Humanities Department, Vice-rector of Vilnius University, and has been director of the Lithuanian Emigration Institute since 2000. He has lectured at the University of Wisconsin, the University of Illinois, Chicago, and presently lectures at the Political Sciences School in Bologna.