Born in 1964 in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, he has busied himself with vagabondage, love, football, odd jobs (including clearing undergrowth, construction, working at the Nowotko Steel Mill – he broke the record in the Large Rolling Mill for absenteeism). He has worked for Polish Radio in Opole, and presently has an Internet radio program. He has published over a dozen volumes of poetry, recently with Znak: a selection called I Too Have Run in That Fog (2004) and Floe (2005), a collection of editorials, books for children, and a novel called Life, and Particularly the Death of Angelika de Sancé (2008). He has won numerous awards, including the Georg Trakl Award (1994), the Kościelski Prize (1998) and the Miłosz Award (2000).