Born in 1921 in Lublin. A poet, essayist and translator. During the war she was a liaison officer for the Home Army. She spent the years from 1947–1950 in Paris, and from 1970–1974 in the USA, where she took a scholarship from the International Writing Program and lectured at several American universities, including Drake. She has written dozens of books, including over a dozen volumes of poetry, literary monographs on Apollinaire (1961) and Gerard de Nerval (1973), and notes from her journeys: An American Diary (1980) and Always Returns. A Travel Diary (2001). She has won many prestigious awards, including the PEN Club (1979, 1997, 2009), the Jurzykowski Award (1981), the Thornton Wilder Prize (USA, 1986), the Georg Trakl Award (Austria, 1991), the Ministry of Culture Award for lifetime achievement (2001) and the Great Cultural Foundation Award. From 1990–1999 she was vice-chairwoman of the Polish Writers’ Association. She has translated such writers as Guillaume Apollinaire, Max Jacob, Blaise Cendrars, Henri Michaux, William Carlos Williams, Sylvia Plath, Robert Bly, and Allen Ginsberg, and has published an anthology of female American poets (Wild Peaches, 2003). Her work has been translated into French, English, Italian, Russian, and Czech.