Born in 1936 in Moscow. A Russian poet, journalist and translator. During the Soviet period, she participated in the human rights movements. In 1968 she created an independent news bulletin called “Chronicle of Current Events,” which she edited until her arrest following a demonstration against the invasion of Czechoslovakia.
Gorbanyevska spent time as a political prisoner (December 1969 – February 1972), and over a year in psychiatric prisons. Having emigrated in 1975, she now lives in Paris. She edited “Continent” quarterly and “Russkaya Mysl” [Russian Thought] weekly. She has also been a member of the editorial board of “Novaya Polsha” [New Poland] monthly since 1999.
Gorbanyevska has written over twenty volumes of poetry. She has also published a volume of translations of Polish poetry (including a splendid rendition of Miłosz’s Poetic Treatise). She has won awards from Kultura and from the Polish PEN Club for translation, and has also received the Jerzy Giedroyć Award. In 2005 she was granted Polish citizenship. The Maria Curie-Składowska University in Lublin has given her an Honorary Doctorate. She has also headed the jury of the Wrocław Angelus Central European Prize since its inception.