Born in Prague in 1948. He is a philosopher, theologian, psychologist, and a Catholic priest, covertly ordained in 1978 (in Germany).

Halík studied philosophy and sociology at Charles University in Prague, and also at the University of Vales; he studied theology further at the Lateran University in Rome, in Wrocław, and (covertly) in Prague. He is also a qualified clinical psychologist. Banned from academic work because of his ties to the opposition, he worked as a psychologist and as a psychotherapist, treating alcoholics and drug addicts at the Charles University Anti-alcohol Clinic. He worked to spread ethical principles in the health services and to educate doctors on how to communicate with their patients; he has also published articles on psychotherapy.

As a member of the Akademia philosophical group in Prague, Halík was a close collaborator and advisor to Václav Havel. In 1978 he began working in the underground structures of the Catholic  Church in Czechoslovakia, collaborating with Cardinal Tomášek, the initiator of the ecumenical priests’ program.
Since 1993 he has been lecturing at the Philosophy and Religion Institute of the Charles University Philosophy Department, and at many institutes abroad. He serves as rector of the college church of the Holy Savior in Prague. He develops initiatives for dialogue and understanding between religions and cultures. In January 2002, he took part in an expedition to Antarctica.

Halík has published over two hundred works, including books, textbooks, and popular and academic articles, which have been translated into German, Polish, Italian and Spanish, among others.