born 1979, a poet and columnist. Author of poetry volumes Mocno poszukiwana [Strongly Wanted] (1999), Lonty [Fuses] (2001), Gospel (2004), Ani mi się śni [Catch Me Doing This] (2005), Spamy miłosne [Love Spams] (2007) and Nikon i Leica [Nikon and Leica] (2010) and books for children Nochal czarodziej [Nose the Wizard] (2007, illustrated by A. Wajda) and Rzecz o tym, jak paw wpadł w staw [How A Peacock Fell Into A Pond] (illustrated by Józef Wilkoń). She is a co-editor of the anthology of the Project Mężczyzna [Project: Man] (2009), Orwo (2010) and 7 grzechów głównych [7 Cardinal Sins] (2012) short stories. She co-hosted the Hurtownia książek program on TVP1 from 2009-2011 and a program on literature in TVP Kultura in 2012. She lives in Wrocław. She recently published Inicjał z offu – a volume of sketches combining characteristics of an essay and belles-lettres. Her new poetry volume Borderline will be published in April.