Poet and writer born in 1948 in Sanok. He studied Polish philology at the University of Warsaw. He started writing down his first works when he was 20, but in spite of the persuasions of Zdzisław Łapiński, his lecturer of the time, he did not decide to publish them for a long time. He made his debut as late as 1994, in the Tygodnik Sanocki weekly. The poems announced at the time made the poet win the “Ziemia rodzinna Grzegorza z Sanoka w literaturze” [“The Homeland of Gregory of Sanok in Literature”] competition. A year later, with the help of his cousin, he published the so-called pentalogy: Paradne ubranko i inne wiersze [Full Dress and Other Poems; 1995], Apokryfy i epitafia sanockie [The Sanok Apocrypha and Epitaphs; 1995], Pan Dymiącego Zwierciadła [The Lord of the Smoking Mirror; 1996], Gorzkie prowincje [The Bitter Provinces; 1996] and Srebrnopióre ogrody [Silver-Feathered Gardens; 1996]. Since that time, he announced several volumes of verse, including three selections of poetry – O chłopcu mieszającym powidła [About a Boy Who Mixed Plum Jam; 1999], Lekcja Tejrezjasza i inne wiersze wybrane [Tiresias’ Lesson and Other Selected Poems; 2003], and Pianie kogutów [The Crowing of Roosters; 2008]. A collection entitled Powiedzieć. Cokolwiek [To Say. Anything; 2011] was published recently. Szuber’s works have been published in the Kultura, Odra, Zeszyty Literackie, and NaGłos magazines. The poet’s works have also been translated into over a dozen languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Szuber’s late debut was received by the critics very enthusiastically: they emphasised the maturity of the poet’s style already in their first reviews. As he published his successive volumes, the list of awards and distinctions he received consistently grew. These included the Barbara Sadowska Literary Award (1996), the Kazimiera Iłłakowiczówna Poetry Award (1996), and the Great Award of the Culture Foundation (1999). He won the Award of the City of Sanok for Literature twice (1995, 1998).

In 2008, on the occasion of the poet’s 60th birthday, a symposium on his works was organised in the Library of the University of Rzeszów, during which artistic works dedicated to him were presented.

Szuber is a member of the PEN Club and the Polish Writers’ Association. He lives in Sanok.