Polish poet and prose writer. Her works have been published in many literary magazines, including Odra and Ha!art. She debuted in 2003 with the volume Dating sessions. Then she published China Shipping (2005) and Dwa fiaty [Two Fiats] (2009). Her poems have been translated into
English, Slovenian and Bulgarian. She won an award in the 3rd edition of the Rainer Maria Rilke poetry contest (2001) and a special award in the Jacek Bierezin contest (2002). She also won the Gdynia Literary Award twice (for the volume Dwa fiaty in 2010 and for her prose debut Obsoletki in 2011). Obsoletki was also among the final 7 candidates for the Nike 2011 Literary Award. In March 2013 the Czarne Publishing
House published her latest novel Małe lisy [Small Foxes].