Marcin Sendecki was born in 1967 in Gdańsk and grew up in Tomaszów Lubelski. He studied (medicine, which he did not finish, and sociology) and now lives in Warsaw. In the 1980s and the 1990s, he worked with the Brulion quarterly, between 2001 and 2011 he worked for Przekrój, and currently, he is the editorial assistant of the Exklusiv monthly and writes about books for Gazeta Wyborcza, Art&Business, the online magazine, and the portal. At various points in time, he was also a distributor (for the NOWA Independent Publishing House), a carrier (for the Polish Radio), a sociologist (for the Ministry of National Defence), and a scholarship holder (of the US Department of State as a participant of the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa).

He debuted in 1992 with a collection of poetry Z wysokości [From the Heights]. To date, he has published eleven books and poetry volumes. His volumes published in recent years include Trap ([Gangway] 2008, nominated for the Silesius and the TVP Kultura Award), 22 (2009, nominated for the Silesius), and Pół ([Half] 2010, nominated for the Silesius and the TVP Kultura Award), Farsz ([Filling] 2011, nominated for the Silesius and the Gdynia Award), and collected poems Błam. 1985-2011 ([Fur Lining. 1985-2011] 2012). He translated Paul Bowles’ and James Schuyler’s poems (two of Schuyler’s Three Poems, the translation of which came out in 2012); he edited  two anthologies of crime poetry: The Long Goodbye. Tribute to Raymond Chandler (1997) and Żegnaj laleczko. Wiersze noir ([Goodbye Dolly. Noir Poems] 2010) (with Marcin Baran and Marcin Świetlicki). He also published an anthology Pogoda ziemi. Wiersze polskie po 1918 roku ([Weather of the Land. Polish Poems after 1918] 2010). His works have been translated into fifteen languages, including separate books in German (Parzellen, Mainz 1997) and Portuguese (Parcelas, Lisboa 2001).