(born 1969 in Łódź), an editor of the Polish Nationwide Literary Biweekly Nowy Nurt in the 1990s. He is currently a publisher of books from the Library of Modern Poetry series and an editor of Dodatek LITERAcki of the Gdynia Literary Award. He debuted with the poetry volume Negatyw [The Negative]. In the subsequent years he published the following volumes: Ulica gnostycka [The Gnostic Street] (1997), Drugie dotknięcie [The Second Touch] (2001), Słynne i świetne [The Famous and the Excellent] (2004), Pocałunek na wstecznym [A Kiss On The Reverse Gear] (2007), Niepiosenki [Non-Songs] (2009), a collection of poems in the volume Kronika zakłóceń [A Chronicle of Disturbances] (2010) and a collection of short stories Człowiek, który biegnie przez las [The Man Who Runs Through The Forest] (2006). Winner of the Kazimiera Iłłakowiczówna Award (1995), the Award of the Polish Book Publishers Association (1998, 2007, 2010) and the Hubert Burda Award (2002). He lives in Dąbrówka near Poznań.