Landscape with Little Girl

Landscape with Little Girl

I’d like to say—to her, to both of them—
let’s lie down beneath the grass, lie in the shade
of dried-out ships, let matters of fate be left
to those plane trees, I’d like to say, look both of you!—

but I only caress the see-through sky, the sun
has shifted, there’s a green woodpecker, let’s fall sleep
I’d like to say, from now on let us always be
a carpet, a ball of yarn, but I only stand

in a cloud of laughter and come back are the words
that finally I do not say when she, external as the world,
runs to the grass and at this moment someone else is dying.


Translated by Bill Johnston

Julia Fiedorczuk

writer, poet, translator

Julia Fiedorczuk – writer, poet, translator, lecturer at the University of Warsaw Institute of English Studies. She has published five books of poetry, a collection of short stories (Poranek Marii i Inne Opowiadania [Maria’s Morning and Other Stories], Biuro Literackie 2010), and two novels (the latest, Nieważkość [Weightlessness], Marginesy, 2015). She is a member of the ASLE (Association for the Study of Language and the Environment), and is interested in the relationship between literature (especially poetry) and ecology. A collection of her essays, Cyborg w ogrodzie: wprowadzenie do ekokrytyki [A Cyborg in the Garden: An Introduction to Ecocriticism] (Katedra, 2015) will be published soon.

Pic. Katarzyna Marcinkiewicz