The Hatchery

The Hatchery

It was one of the best vodka
sessions. We thought we heard
geese honking from the barns.
We passed around and assessed the weight
of the biggest eggs which nearly rivalled
stones taken from a mountain river
and exposed to the sun until they dry
and reveal their coarse dusty coating.
None of us doubted even for a while
that each of them contained the liquid stickiness of life.
Translated by Mieczysław Godyń

Michał Sobol


Michał Sobol – born 1970 in Cerekiew near Radom, studied history of the Church and philosophy in Krakow, debuted in 1996 in NaGłosie. Also published in Twórczość, Kresy, Lampa, Rita Baum, Bliza, Znak, Więź, and Zeszyty Literackie. Published poetry collections: Lamentacje [Lamentations] (2001), Działania i chwile [Actions and moments] (2007), Naturalia (2010), Pulsary [Pulsars] (2013). Laureate of the Kazimiera Iłłakowiczówna award, recipient of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage scholarship, his latest tome, Pulsary, received the City of Radom Literary Award and a nomination for the Gdynia Literary Award and the Wisława Szymborska Poetry Award.

Pic. Jakub Ociepa