Bartłomiej Majzel (born in 1974), poet, journalist, reporter and a traveller. He visited Ethiopia, Togo, Benin, South Africa, Ghana, Iran, Algeria, Syria, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and many other countries. He published several poetic books: Worminess [Robaczywość] (1997), Downhill [Bieg Zjazdowy] (2001), White Africa [Biała Afryka] (2005), Check-in [Doba Hotelowa] (2009), Terror (2015). Nominated for the Paszport Polityki Award. The author is also the youngest laureate of the Four Columns Literary Award. His poetry was translated into English, Serbian, Welsh, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Czech, Slovenian and Slovakian. The poet represented Poland in numerous international literary festivals. Co-founder of the NaDziko poetic group. The artist lives in Katowice.