Eugeniusz Tkaczyszyn-Dycki (1962). Probably the only Polish writer who never gave a single interview, even after receiving the Nike Literary Award in 2009. Among his latest publications are: The Stories of Polish Families [Dzieje rodzin polskich] (Gdynia Literary Prize in 2006), A Song of Dependencies and Addictions[Piosenka o zależnościach i uzależnieniach] (Gdynia Literary Prize, Nike Literary Award in 2009), Name and Mark [Imię i znamię] (Wrocław “Silesius” Poetry Award in 2012) and Norwid’s Lover [Kochanka Norwida] (nominated for Nike Literary Award in 2015). The poet lives in Warsaw, even though he was grew up in Przemyśl and Olsztyn region, where his family ended up after Operation Vistula, deported for their affiliation to the Ukrainian underground, including the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). Dycki owes a lot to his Polish grandmother, who was deported (as a wife of a rizun) in 1947. Probably the last folk poet in Poland (born in Wólka Krowicka near Lubaczów), albeit he graduated from the Polish studies at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, which shaped him.