Jerzy Jarniewicz (born 1958 in Łowicz) – translator from English, critic and literary publicist, poet. Editor of Literatura na Świecie, contributor to Gazeta Wyborcza and Tygodnik Powszechny. Lectures at the University of Łódź. Author of twelve volumes of poetry, ten books on literary criticism and numerous essays on modern English-language literature. He has recently published an anthology Six Irish Women Poets [Sześć poetek irlandzkich] (Wrocław 2012), a volume of poetry Water on Mars [Woda na Marsie] (Wrocław 2015), a critical study on the poetry of Seamus Heaney, Poems to be Touched [Heaney. Wiersze pod dotyk] (Krakow 2011) and a collection of sketches about literary translation, The Hospitality of Words [Gościnność słowa] (Krakow 2012). He has translated works by such authors as James Joyce, Raymond Carver, Philip Roth and John Banville. He lives in Łódź.