Jerzy Kronhold (born 24.01.1946 in Cieszyn) – a poet, studied Polish Studies at the Jagiellonian university, graduated from the drama directing department of the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw. He has worked as a director, antique bookseller, journalist, Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Ostrava, director of the Polish Institute in Bratislava, co-creator of the New Wave, member of the poetry group “Teraz” (along with Adam Zagajewski and Julian Kornhauser). He made his debut in 1972 with the poetry volume Self Immolation [Samopalenie]. Among his publications are The Age of Bronze [Wiek brązu] 2000, A5 publishing house, Epitaph for Lucy [Epitafium dla Lucy] 2012, Zeszyty Literackie, nomination for the Gdynia Award in 2013, The Silk Trail [Szlak jedwabny] 2014, Warstwy publishing house, Wrocław, Selected Poems [Wybór wierszy] 2014, A5 publishing house, Long Jump [Skok w dal] 2016, Wydawnictwo Literackie. His poems have been published in, among others, Zeszyty Literackie, Kwartalnik Artystyczny, Odra, Twórczości and translated into, among others, Slovak, Czech, German, Russian, Hungarian, Serbian and English.