Michał Książek (born 1978 in Oraczew near Sieradz) – Polish poet, reportage writer, cultural scholar and ornithologist. He has been published in Polityka, Las Polski and Twórczość. Nominated for the Gdynia Literary Award 2014 in the essay category for the book A Dictionary of a Place [Jakuck. Słownik miejsca]. Winner of the 2015 Silesius Wrocław Poetry Award for debut of the year for the book The Science of Birds [Nauka o ptakach]. The book was also nominated for the 2015 Nike Literary Award and for the 11th Golden Mean of Poetry National Literary Competition in 2015 for pest poetry debut in 2014. His reportage Road No. 816 [Droga 816] was nominated for the Wiesław Kazanecki Literary Award of the Mayor of Białystock for best book in 2015, the Ryszard Kapuściński Award for literary reportage and for the Literary Award of the Capital City of Warsaw 2016 in the prose category.