Edward Pasewicz

poet, writer, composer, playwright Next

Poet, writer, composer, playwright. He had his debut in 2001, with the book titled Dolna Wilda. In 2007 he published his first novel Śmierć w darkroomie (Death in the Darkroom). In 2007 nominated for the Gdynia Literary Award for his books: Henry Berryman. Pieśni (Henry Berryman. Songs) and Pałacyk Bertolta Brechta (Bertolt Brecht’s Palace). Nominated for the Wisława Szymborska Award and the Silesius Literary Award 2016 for his volume Mitochondria. A member of the editorial board of ”Gadający Pies”, a spoken magazine he runs together with Marcin Świetlicki, Robert Makłowicz, Piotr Bikont and Maciej Piotr Prus. Regularly contributing columnist in ”Czas Kultury” and”Chimera”. Since 2010 has lived in Krakow. Directs the theatre stage: Scena21Teatru Nowego. He authored dramas: Lamentacje Londyńskie (London Lamentations), Trzej Bracia (The Three Brothers), Cień (The Shadow), Piękny Chłopiec (A Beautiful Boy). In 2017 his most recent volume of poetry Miejsce was released.