Evelyn Schlag

an Austrian poet and writer Next

Born on the 22nd of November 1952 in Waidhofen an der Ybbs is an Austrian poet and writer. She studied German and American literature at the University of Vienna (Universität Wien). Since her debut volume of poetry – Nachhilfe – released in 1981, she published many other collections of poems and prose. In 1991, she translated the works of British poet Douglas Dunn into German. She won numerous awards and distinctions, including Bremer Förderpreis (1988), Anton-Wildgans-Preis (1997) and Otto Stoessel Preis (1998). Additionally, in 1998 she was also nominated for the Aristeion Preis. In 2015 she was distinguished with Österreichischer Kunstpreis in literature. Schlag’s poetry deals with rural landscape, love and longing, but it also forays into topics such as the Nazi history in Austria, suicide or childlessness. The poet constantly experiments with the length, regularity and punctuation in her poems. In 2016, the Evelyn Schlag released a novel titled Yemen Café.

Polish translations by Ryszard Wojnakowski and Jakub Ekier will be published by Oficyna Wydawnicza ATUT publishing house in a volume titled Zamieć w głowie.


fot. Helmut Gollner