Krzysztof Siwczyk

Artistic director of the Miłosz Festival, a Polish poet and actor Next

Artistic director of the Miłosz Festival born in 1977, a Polish poet and actor. He lives in Gliwice and studied cultural studies at the University of Silesia. Co-founder of the Na Dziko group, which was founded in 1994. His first volume of poetry titled Dzikie Dzieci (1995) brought him the prize of Czas Kultury monthly for the best poetic debut of the year. Since 2000, he has been a member of the European Film Academy, the Polish Writers’ Union and the PEN Club. He also collaborates with Polityka magazine. Krzysztof Siwczyk ran the television programmes Czytelnia and Czytanie to Awantura in TVP KULTURA. He works at Instytut Mikołowski, where he edits a poetry publishing series, as well as Arkadia literary magazine. Additionally, he is also an editor of the Litera magazine. In 2014, the artist was awarded the Kościelski Award for Dokąd bądź.


fot. Krzysztof Dubiel dla Instytutu Książki