Linn Hansén

a Swedish poet and editor Next

Born on the 7th of December 1983, is a Swedish poet and editor. She debuted in 2008 with a volume of poetry titled Ta i trä, which brought her the Author of the Year title from Västsvenska författarsällskapet (Western Swedish Writers Society). The volume was also nominated for the Katapultpriset Prize of the Swedish Writers’ Union (Sveriges Författarförbund) as the best debut of the year. The poet was a member of literary collectives, such as Sharks and G=T=B=R=G. Linn Hansén also collaborated with the Göteborg Poetry Festival (Göteborgs poesifestival) and Queer Literature Festival. Other than that, she also works as the editor-in-chief of „Glänta” – a cultural magazine. Linn Hansén as the poet constructs her verses from various questions, statements and slogans, seemingly disconnected, but as a whole they perfectly describe the chasm between the individual and the system. In Gå till historien, her volume of poetry released in 2013, the author deals with history – both the past itself, as well as the notion of “history” as the story of what happened in the past.

The Polish translation of the book – Przejdź do historii – prepared by Justyna Czechowska will be published by the Lokator Media publishing house as part of the Miłosz Festival publishing project.


fot. Johannes Samuelsson