Petr Hruška

a Czech poet, screenwriter and literary critic Next

Born on the 7th of June 1964 in Ostrava is a Czech poet, screenwriter and literary critic, educated to be water purification engineer, with Master’s degree in arts and doctorate in philosophy. He co-authored The History of the Czech Literature 1945 – 1989 (Dějiny české literatury 1945 – 1989), second volume of the Dictionary of Czech Writers Since 1945 (Slovník českých spisovatelů od roku 1945), and Dictionary of Czech Literary Magazines, Anthologies and Almanacs 1945 – 2000 (Slovník českých literárních časopisů, periodických literárních sborníků a almanachů 1945 – 2000). He works at the Faculty of the Czech Literature at AV ČR in Brno (Ústav pro českou literaturu Akademie věd České republiky) and a university lecturer of Czech literature at the Masaryk University (Masarykova univerzita) and the University of Ostrava (Ostravská univerzita v Ostravě). Additionally, he co-organises multiple literary evenings, festivals and exhibitions in Ostrava. One of the most praised Czech poets in the post-1989 era, often referred to as the poet of unrest and hidden dangers in everyday life.


Polish translations by Franciszek Nastulczyk will be published by Instytut Mikołowski in a volume titled Darmaty as part of the Miłosz Festival publishing project.