Przemysław Czapliński

full professor, historian of literature, specialises in 20th-century and 21st-century literature, essayist, translator, literary critic Next

(1962) – full professor, historian of literature. Specialises in 20th-century and 21st-century literature. Essayist, translator, literary critic. Co-founder the Institute of Anthropology of Literature (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań) and head of literary criticism department. Authored more than ten books, of which the most recent are: Polska do wymiany (Poland for Replacement) (2009), Resztki nowoczesności (The Remnants of Modernity) (2011), Poruszona mapa (A Shifted Map) (2016). Editor of several collective publications – e.g. Nowoczesność i sarmatyzm (Modernity versus Sarmatism) (Poznań 2011), Literatura ustna (Oral Literature) (2011), Kamp. Antologia przekładów (Camp. Anthology of Translations) (co-editor: Anna Mizerka; 2013). Curator of numerous discussion cycles, including. Great Powers Tremble. Debates on Polish Catholicism (Castle Culture Centre, Poznań), God’s Narrations. About Faith, Religion and Gods – Talks with Writers (Polski Theatre, Poznań 2015/2016); Bioclasses: Segregations and Alliances (Warsaw 2016), Non-divine narrations. About Fear and Anger (Polski Theatre, Poznań 2016/2017), Forecasting the Present (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań 2016/2017). Visiting lecturer at many European and American universities (in Germany, Belgium, France, Greta Britain, Hungary and others). Award-winner of the L. Fryde Award (1997), the Kościelski Award (1998) and the Kazimierz Wyka Award (2004). The holder of the Gloria Artis Medal of Merit for Culture (2014) and the Medal of the Commission for National Education (2016). Research subject: literature (Polish) and late-modernity issues.