Urszula Zajączkowska

a Polish poet, botanist and visual artist Next

Born in 1978. Poet, botanist, visual artist and musician. Assistant professor at the Autonomous Department of Forest Botany at Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Warsaw. She studies growth, anatomy and movement of plants, involving their aerodynamics and biomechanics. Her debut volume of poetry Atomy (Atoms) (2014) was nominated for the Wrocław Silesius Poetry Award 2015. In the same year, along with a group of fellow artists, she created Cambium Killers, an artistic project opposing the scoring system in science. In 2016 she made a film entitled Metamorphosis of Plants, inspired by J.W. Goethe’s work under the same title. It is an impression based on scientific recordings of plant movements, combined with the dance of Patryk Walczak, a soloist at the National Ballet. The film won the top prize at the Scinema Festival of Science Film in the Best Experimental Film/Animation category. In 2017, Zajączkowska was a finalist of FameLab, a science promotion competition for researchers organised by the Copernicus Science Cetre and the British Council. In her work she spares no effort to build bridges between science and humanities, and to develop new languages for description of humans’ relations with nature. At the beginning of 2017 her new volume of poetry, minimum, was released by the Wrocław-based publishing house Warstwy. A book about plants, compiled in cooperation with Marginesy publishing house, is now underway.