Wojciech Wilczyk

a Polish poet, photographer and essayist Next

Born in 1961, poet, photographer, essayist and author of art criticism texts. Exhibiton curator and lecturer at the Academy of Photography in Krakow.

Authored three volumes of poetry: Steppenwolf (1997), Eternit 2003), Realizm (2017) and documentary photography projects: Czarno-Biały Śląsk (Silesia Black-and-White) (1999-2003), Kalwaria (1995-2004), Życie po życiu (Afterlife) (2004-2006), Postindustrial (2003-2007), Niewinne oko nie istnieje (An Innocent Eye Does Not Exist) (2006-2008), Święta Wojna (The Holy War) (2009-2014), and, jointly with Elżbieta Janicka, Inne Miasto (Another City) (2011-1012 ). Twice nominated for Deutsche Börse Photography Prize. Award-winning at the competition Photographic Publication of the Year 2009 (for his album: Niewinne oko nie istnieje ) and PHOTO BOOK OF THE YEAR 2014 in the Grand Press Photo 2015 competition (for his album Święta Wojna). Since 2009 has run a blog: Jointly with Grzegorz Wróblewski authored an inter-media project Blue Pueblo (2013-2014), combining text and photography, accompanied by an artbook (circulation: 350 numbered and signed copies).