Archive 2018

10:00 Sunday, 10.06.2018

Krakow Book Fair

Book Fair on the square of St. Maria Magdalene


Plac św. Marii Magdaleny

14:00 Sunday, 10.06.2018

OFF Miłosz: The Stage

Engage Young Producers: On-stage Performances

Pasmo OFF

Kawiarnia Literacka, ul. Krakowska 41

16:00 Sunday, 10.06.2018

OFF Miłosz: In Conversation

Mark Pajak & Georginia Wilding

Pasmo OFF

Cafe Szafe, ul. Felicjanek 10

19:15 Sunday, 10.06.2018

This Is Why We Live - spectacle inspired by Wisława ...

Created by: Open Heart Surgery Theatre (Canada/Uk), Théâtre de ...


Teatr Nowy, ul. Krakowska 41

20:00 Sunday, 10.06.2018

OFF Miłosz: Performance

Nathan Curnow & Geoffrey Williams

Pasmo OFF

Cafe Szafe, ul. Felicjanek 10