Ales Razanaŭ, The Flight of an Arrow

Edition 2015

Ales Razanaŭ, The Flight of an Arrow

Translation: Jerzy Litwiniuk, Jan Maksymiuk, Adam Pomorski
Cover: grafika Wiesław Szuminski
Graphic design: Krzysztof Czyzewski
Publisher: Fundacja Pogranicze

A selection of poems by Aleś Razanaŭ, the creator of an innovative trend in contemporary Belarusian poetry, combining the hermeneutic poetry traditions of the West and the East.

“The poet’s roads through life and creativity have always led over the horizon. This is where the terms coined by the critics come from: innovator, forerunner, reformer of the poetic language. But there is as much of an innovator in him as there is tradition, no more East than West, and Razanaŭ sometimes teaches poetry in prose. […] Today, Belarusian literature plays with words like a glass bead. And for Razanaŭ, the poetic word has been and is the word of salvation – both from reason and silence.”

Hanna Kislicyna