Robert Hass, Winged and Dark

Edition 2015

Robert Hass, Skrzydlate i ciemne (Winged and Dark)

Translation: Mieczysław Godyń, Renata Gorczyńska, Magda Heydel, Justyn Hunia, Maria Korusiewicz, Bronisław Maj, Paweł Marcinkiewicz, Czesław Miłosz, Andrzej Szuba
Editors: Justyn Hunia, Jerzy Illg
Introduction: Paweł Marcinkiewicz
Afterword: Renata Gorczyńska
Cover design: Maria Gromek
Publisher: Społeczny Instytut Wydawniczy Znak

Prepared specially for Polish readers, Skrzydlate i ciemne, a collection of Robert Hass’ poems from 1973-2014 selected by the poet, expands the knowledge of his poem by another tome and the newest poems. In his formally diverse poetry (in which lapidary, haiku-like meditations appear next to expansive, essayistic works) Hass shows himself as an attentive and tender observer of California nature, a singer of the beauty and fragility of the world. He is also a chronicler of individual dramas, a tracker of the cruelties of history, a scholar of the limitations of language and man’s place in the order of things, and finally a faithful student of Miłosz, with whom the poet engages in a moving dialogue. Skrzydlate i ciemne is an extensive and multi-dimensional panorama of the work of one of the most important living American poets.