Stefan Hertmans, Landscape according to Carpaccio

Publication 2016

Stefan Hertmans, Landscape according to Carpaccio

Original title: Landschap naar Carpaccio

Translated by: Jerzy Koch, Sławomir Paszkiet

Editor: Adam Pluszka

Cover design and illustrations: Anna Pol

Publisher: Marginesy

Stefan Hertmans’s poetry is imbued with philosophical, vital melancholy. Visible in his poetical debut are influences from the German expressionism and Paul Celan; however, with time his works became more intimate and sensual. His poetry combines erudition with corporality and is always surprising and subtle. Curses and visitations, desire and tenderness can be found in it, but so can loneliness and parting. There are warm claws and hard arms in his poems, as well as moles’ muzzles. These incisive images and beautiful verses hide the whole of life – together with love and passion.

Krajobraz według Carpaccia is a rich lyrical collection of poems of an acclaimed poetry and prose writer.