Xavier Farré, A Compass in the Snow

Edition 2015

Poem selection and volume concept: Xavier Farré
Translation: Marta Pawłowska, Rozalya Sasor, Katarzyna Wójtowicz
Cover and title page design: Agnieszka Orłowska
Na okładce wykorzystano fragment obrazu Otto Freundlicha „Composition” (1931)
Introduction: Tomasz Różycki, Próba ciemności. O poezji Xaviera Farré (A trial of darkness: on the poetry of Xavier Farré)
Series editor: Irek Grin
Publisher: EMG
Xavier Farré’s – Catalonian poet and translator from Polish and Slovenian – own selection of his poems.

Two elements, mutually exclusive – North and South, East and West – collide with each other and talk. It is a conversation of myths and cultures, a conversation of languages and climates, as well as a conversation of forms – the Catalan tradition of the love song, alba and xenia, complaints and praises – that sometimes uses a stanza that was worked out by troubadours, and meets the Eastern European elegy and melancholy of undefined space, affecting the poetic form and shape of the poem that tries to measure up to the distances on a map.

From the introduction by Tomasz Różycki