Athena Farrokhzad


Born 1983, lives in Stockholm. She is a poet, literary critic, translator, playwright and a teacher or creative writing. In 2013, she published her first volume of poetry, Vitsvit (White Blight), at Albert Bonniers förlag. The book circles around language, body, trauma, family and experience of revolution, war, migration and racism. Vitsvit has been translated into thirteen languages and stayed several times. In 2016, her second volume of poetry, Trado, written together with the Romanian poet Svetlana Carstean, was published. Farrokhzad has translated writers such as Marguerite Duras, Adrienne Rich and Jacqueline Woodson into Swedish and teaches at Biskops-Arnös författarskola, the oldest creative writing institution in Sweden. She has written several plays for both children and adults.