Ewa Lipska


(born in 1945)

One of the most eminent contemporary poets of the New Wave generation, columnist, editor, member of the PEN Club and the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. and in 1989 she was one of the founding members of the Polish Writers’ Association. In the 1990s, she lived in Vienna and worked at the Polish Embassy, as well as ran the Polish Institute. Additionally, she won many prestigious literary awards and distinctions, including Andrzej Bursa Prize, Kościelski Award and PEN Club Award. Her poems are translated into many languages and they enjoy recognition of the readers and critics alike. The poet started publishing her pieces in 1964, debuting three years later with her volume of poetry titled Wiersze (“Poems”), which, together with poems by Rafał Wojaczek, announced the New Wave. The artist lives and works in Krakow.