Jurij Zawadski


(born in 1981)

Poet, activist, publisher. Author of numerous books of poetry, including Imowirnist (1999), jurijzawadskyj (2003) jurijzawadskyj (2005) jurijzawadskyj (2008) Rotwrot. Zalizna wersija (together with Andriy Antonovsky) (2010), Kryk (2012), Spasm (2013), Paperback. Zibrani wirszi (2013), ea (2014), Taksyst (2015). Founder of “Krok” publishing house. Philologist. Participant of experimental performances by ZSUF and SUBPRODUKT. Some of his works have been translated into German, Portuguese, English, Catalan and Crimean Tatar. He lives in Ternopil.