Karolina Wigura


(born in 1980)

Member of the Board of the Liberal Culture Foundation and Assistant Professor at the Institute of Sociology of the University of Warsaw. In 2016-2018, she worked as co-director of the Knowledge Bridges Poland-Britain-Europe project at St. Antony’s College at Oxford University. She studied at the University of Warsaw and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. She has received scholarships from, among others, the Vienna Institute for Human Sciences, the German Marshall Fund and the Leadership Academy for Poland. She published a number of books, including: Wina narodów. Przebaczenie jako strategia prowadzenia polityki (2011), which won the Znak Award and Fr. Józef Tischner Hestia Award, as well as Wynalazek nowoczesnego serca. Filozoficzne źródła współczesnego myślenia o emocjach (2019).