Leszek Szaruga


(born in 1946)

Poet, prose writer, essayist, translator of German and Russian poetry, as well as literary scholar. In 1976–89 he was an editor and contributor of magazines and underground publications (such as Puls and Wezwanie) as well as emigration magazines (Kultura, Kontakt). He also ran the literary section of the Novaya Polsha (Новая Польша) monthly from the very beginning to the very end of its existence (1999–2019). In the 1970s and 1980s he worked with the BBC and Deutsche Welle radio stations as well as Radio Free Europe. He is also is also a laureate of the Kościelski Award and Zygmunt Hertz Literary Award, presented by the Paris-based Kultura magazine. He currently works as a professor at the Department of Central and East European Intercultural Studies of the University of Warsaw. He recently published volumes of his poetry: Fluktuacja kwantowa, Zaczyna się and W tym samym czasie, collections of sketches Znaki przesilenia, Przetwarzanie Międzymorza and Wyjście z utopii, as well as novels: Dane elementarne and …zmowa kontrolowana.

Photo by Anna Matysiak