Magdalena Piotrowska-Grot


(born in 1987)

Graduate of the uniform master’s and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Silesia, doctor of humanities, literary scholar. She is interested in Polish contemporary poetry (from 1918 to latest works), including poetic manifestations of post-secularism, the category of privacy, identity of the subject in the context of revolution and retroactive character of human being in the world. Author of two books: W głąb. Szkice o współczesnej poezji Śląska i Zagłębia and Przemeblowanie (w) wieczności. Wizje zaświatów w polskiej poezji współczesnej, as well as numerous articles and reviews published in Wielogłos, Śląskie Studia Polonistyczne and FA-art. Editor of the poetry column in artPapier, a bi-weekly cultural magazine. Professionally she works as the deputy director of the Open University at the University of Silesia, in private life she is a traveller and theatre aficionado, who loves European literature and long walks (preferably in the company of her husband and dog).