Piotr Florczyk


(born in 1978)

Poet, essayist, co-founder and former editor of Calypso Editions publishing house, translator into American English (including works by Świrszczyńska, Kornhauser, Gutorow, Mikołajewski, Sośnicki, Marcinkiewicz, Bonowicz). He has published Barefoot (poems), Los Angeles Sketchbook (sketches and photographs), and, most recently, a volume of poems entitled East & West. In 2017, he received the Found in Translation Award and the Harold Morton Landon Translation Award from The Academy of American Poets for his translation of Anna Świrszczyńska’s volume of poetry Budowałam barykadę. He is soon going to complete his PhD studies at the University of Southern California. He has been living in the US since 1994.