Ryszard Krynicki


(born in 1943)

A poet of the 1968 generation, dubbed the New Wave by literary critics. One of the precursors of the independent publishing movement. In the 1970s and 1980s he was involved in the democratic opposition in Poland. Signatory of the Letter of 59 (1975). Banned from 1976-1980; from then until 1989 he published his books only in the underground circulation and in emigration publishing houses. He took part in the editorial work on Zapis, the first independent Polish literary quarterly. In 1982-1988, he co-edited the underground magazine Obserwator Wielkopolski, run by Solidarity members and supporters in Poznań. During this time, he also organised exhibitions of paintings and graphic art in his home gallery without space. Co-founder of Wydawnictwo a5 publishing house(1988), since 1991 he has been running and editing the Biblioteka Poetycka Wydawnictwa a5 (Wydawnictwo a5 Poetry Library) poetry series. In April 1998 he moved from Poznań to Krakow. He made his debut in 1968 with a poetic sheet entitled Pęd pogoni, pęd ucieczkibut considers the Akt urodzenia published a year later to be his proper debut. He translates German-language poets, mainly Nelly Sachs(Rozarzone zagadki, 2006) and Paul Celan (he edited a bilingual selection of works by this poet, published in 1998 and 2003 by Wydawnictwo Literackie publishing house), as well as Bertolt Brecht and Reiner Kunze, whose selections of poetry he published in the Niezależna Oficyna Wydawnicza NOWA publishing house. He prepares for print a personal anthology of contemporary German-language poetry. Laureate of the independent Poet’s Award (1975), Kościelski Award (1976), Alfred Jurzykowski Foundation Prize (1989) and the Friedrich Gundolf Award (2000). DAAD Scholarship holder (Berliner Künstlerprogramm) in Berlin (1993), correspondent member of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and the Saxon Academy of Art in Dresden (1993).