Saleh Diab


Saleh Diab was born in 1967 in Aleppo. As a poet, journalist and literary critic, he has published his poems and articles in numerous newspapers and periodicals, including Nizwaal-HayatAs-Safir, Autre Sud ,Poésie1 ,Poésie première, Résonance générale, Lieuxd’être, Urdla… ça presse… Banipal», Alhucema», Iton 77,… and more particularly in al-Moulhak, from 1995 to 2000. He took part in the Literary FORUM of Aleppo University at the end of the 80s. He has been writing the classical type of poem called tafilah but has not published collections of these poems. His poetical work has been nourished by the discovery of such poets as Paul Eluard, Saint-John Perse, Neruda, Shahade, Rimbaud and classical Arabic poetry as well as the pioneer poets in the field of tafilah poem, Badir Shakiras-Saiyab (1926-1964) and Adonis, and the neo-classical poets. He started to write poems in prose /quasidat an- nathr after having read these major poets. In 2006 he wrote two essays for his Masters on contemporary Arabic poetry written by women, exploring the phenomenon from a sociological-literary point of view. He received his M.A. in Female Arab poets since Nazek al-Malaikah at the University of Paris VIII. Then, in 2012, he defended his thesis titled: The poem in prose in Contemporary Arabic Poetry, and received his PhD from the same university.  He has translated and published a number of poets from Arabic into French (Salah Faïk, Huda a-Daghfag, Yehia Jaber, Youssef Bazzi, Mohamed al Maghout, Nazih AbouAfach, Riad As-Salih Housein, ….) and from French into Arabic (Jean-Yves Masson, Jacqueline Risset, Marie-Claire Bancquart, Gabrielle Althen, Annie Salager, Liliane Giraudon, Rachida Madani, Mohammed Hamoudan). He has also published three collections of poetry, Kamaroun Yabison YataniBihayati (Editions Dar Al Jadid, Beirut, 1998), translated into French as Une lune sèche veille sur ma vie (A dry moon watches over my life) (Editions Comp’Act, 2004), Saif Yonanai/A Greek summer (Editions Mérite, Cairo, 2006), TourslinaSikinanan, Aoursilou KhanjaranYou go for me with a knife, and I go for you with a dagger (Editions Charqiat, Cairo, 2009) and has edited an anthology of contemporary Syrian poetry, Nawares Sawdaa/Black seegulls (Editions Maison de la poésie, Alger, 2007). Has also published a book of critical essays on contemporary women’s poetry in Arabic, Sufferings containerRécipient de douleur (Editions Clapas, 2007). A collection of his poems has been published in 2013, I went through my lifeJ’ai visité ma vie, Le Taillis Pré edition, and won the Thyde Monnier Prize of the Société des Gens de Lettres, Paris. In march 2018, Le Castor Astral has published his latest edited volume, Contemporary Syrian Poetry / Poesie syriennecontemporaine.

His poetry has been translated into English by Paul Roddie, John Doherty and Daniel Bahar, in Hebrew by Joseph Sadan and Marlena Braester, in Italian by Claudio Pozzani, in Spanish by Ahmad Yamani, Mohamed Ahmed Bennis, Patricio Sanchez.

Saleh Diab has lived in France from 2000.