Tatev Chakhian


Tatev Chakhian is an Armenian poet and visual artist, born in 1992 in Yerevan. Currently, she lives in Poland.

After several years of collaborative poetry projects, in 2016 she has published her first volume of poetry titled  unIDentical. The book is an “alternative document” which allows the reader to pass the border between person’s identical and non-identical realities. It has been nominated for the 2018 European Poet of Freedom – the 5th edition of the Literary Award of the City of Gdansk and has been published in Polish.

Selections of Tatev’s poetry have been translated into EnglishGermanPolishPersian, Macedonian, Dutch, Spanish, Russian and have been published in various local and international anthologies in Germany, Austria, Poland, Iran, Mexico, Lebanon, etc..

Tatev’s artistic activities are being crossed to poetry in form of mixed-media art. The poet collaborates with urban artists, filmmakers and musicians.

Being graduated from the faculty of Cultural Anthropology at Yerevan State University, her academic interest is the urban semiotics, “reading and translating” the cities as a text.